What’s The Easiest Way to Increase Your Billings?

The number one way to increase your billings is to improve your job order to placement ratio – in other words, the percentage of jobs you fill. Think about it for a second, time is your most finite resource. You only have so many hours in the day. So, if you want to increase your billings, working longer hours isn’t necessarily the answer. In order to get leverage, we want to get better results from the same amount of time and effort. How do you do that? Well, the number-one success factor when it comes to improving your job order to placement ratio is client commitment. Let me repeat that. The number one success factor for filling more jobs and making more placements is client commitment. That’s right – it’s not recruiting skills. Recruiting skill, of course, is important. But what’s even more important is your ability to secure client commitment. We want to work with clients in partnership in a collaborative relationship. Ideally, on a retained or engaged basis where they’re paying you part of the fee up front, but at a minimum we want to be working exclusively with that client. We want them to value and respect our input and treat us as a true business partner in order to achieve the goal of filling that job and finding the best talent.  You might be wondering, Mark how do I do that? Well, I’ll be unpacking that in future videos. But if you want to have a chat about how to improve your placement ratio and ideally get more clients on a retained or engaged basis then feel free to set up a 15-minute clarity call with me here

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