Done Is Better Than Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? So am I.  

Perfectionism is something I’ve battled with forever. 

I believe this tendency has held me back in business.

For example, posting on LinkedIn is painful because I tend to agonize over every word.  

And creating video content is even worse! 

The truth is that perfectionism is just another word for procrastination. 

I sometimes struggle to get tasks or projects done (or even to get started) because:

  1. I worry that I don’t have time to “do my best” 
  2. I worry that people will judge the quality of my work 

My very first coach told me to focus on “progress, not perfection.”

Even though I know this intellectually, I really struggle to apply it.

To counteract my natural tendency to procrastinate, I’ve got a mantra that I repeat to myself over and over: 

“Done is better than perfect.”

So in that spirit, I give you my latest video.

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