Attention company owners and solo recruiters

How to Finally Take Control of Your Business, Earn What You Deserve and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Dear Owner / Director:

Please take a moment to ask yourself three very important questions:

  1. Do you ever feel frustrated because the rewards you expected (money, freedom, security) aren’t showing up as quickly as you imagined, despite the fact you’re working extremely hard?
  2. Do you sometimes worry about whether you’ll make enough placements to cover your overheads for the month?
  3. Are you lacking a clear plan for growing your business over the next 12 months?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be interested in our Executive Coaching service.  It’s ideal for both owner / directors of small to medium sized recruiting firms and self-employed or home based recruiters.

Why Hire a Coach?

Remember the reasons you originally decided to start your own business?  Probably you dreamed about making more money, and had romantic notions of being your own boss and having greater personal freedom, calling the shots, and being master of your own destiny?  How has it worked out?
For many recruitment firm owners I speak to the reality is very different… Stress, financial worry, frustration when clients and candidates let you down or waste your time. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  I can help you to work less, make more and have more fun and fulfilment in the process!

The Value of Having a Coach

You can use Mark as a sounding board to discuss important business decisions.  YOU still have to make the decision – Mark won’t tell you what to do, after all it’s your business.  But often it’s helpful to debate the pro’s and con’s with an objective and knowledgeable ally.

You get a fresh perspective.  Sometimes when you run your own business, it’s hard to “see the forest for the trees.”  It helps to have someone who can look at your business objectively and give you an external viewpoint.  You can use Mark to help you brainstorm marketing ideas, hammer out a strategy for growing your business or get clear on your personal goals.
You can ask Mark to read through your proposals, website, sales literature or business plan and offer you his constructive comments.
You can one-on-one training from Mark to hone your skills – from selling retainers, headhunting techniques, fee negotiation, candidate management, etc.
Above all, your coach is someone who can hold you accountable.  To make sure you follow through on the commitments you make to yourself, and take action to produce the results you are truly capable of!

How does coaching work?

It’s simple:

a) We’ll set up a regular time to speak – usually twice per month

b) You dial my coaching hotline number for our appointment.  It’s toll free, so I pay for the call charges.

c) We’ll spend 45 minutes focused on helping you to maximise your billings, grow your business, and any other issues you want my input on.

What will we cover in a typical coaching session?

Anything you want.  We can tackle any issue that is affecting your business, for example:

  • Hiring recruiters: How to find the ones who will make you money, and avoid the ones who will cost you money!
  • Creating a sales-oriented culture: Targeting, managing and motivating your team to produce more sales
  • Branding, marketing and positioning your business
  • Difficult employees: When to discipline, when to terminate, how to get them back on track (if you really believe in your heart that they have potential).
  • Winning better quality business: Retained assignments and/or major accounts
  • Saving deals from falling through: How to defeat counter offers and other deal breakers

Here are a few examples of recent conversations with coaching clients:

“I’ve hired my first two recruiters.  At first I was really excited.  I thought this was going to take the pressure off me and allow me to increase my income.  Unfortunatly, it’s been the opposite, it’s created more pressure.   The problem is they’re not performing and it’s costing me a lot of money.  Basically I’m the only one who’s billing, but I’m paying three salaries!  Can I turn them around, or should I just get rid of them and start again?”
“My client has dismissed my candidate after 2 weeks and now they want their money back. I don’t want to lose the client, but I don’t want to refund the fee either.”

“I have dozens of requirements, which is great.  But the problem is I have no good candidates!  I’ve tried advertising, but the results have been quite poor and it’s very expensive.  I think maybe I should be headhunting, but I’m not about the best way to do it.”

FREE Trial Session

Coaching is not for everyone, and I will only take on clients who I genuinely believe I can help.  That’s why your first session is free – it gives us a chance to size each other up and decide if we’re compatible and want to work together.

To set up your free trial session, call my personal assistant Ashleigh on 0800 019 8899.
I look forward to connecting with you by telephone soon!


Mark Whitby

Managing Director


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