The Resilient Recruiter Podcast

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Welcome to The Resilient Recruiter, the weekly show where I interview recruitment industry leaders on the secrets to their success. You’ll hear in-depth conversations where I uncover the habits, strategies, attitudes and insights of highly successful recruiting, staffing and search firm owners.  You’ll listen in as I encourage people to share their true stories including the mistakes and “failures” they experienced along the way, and what they learned from them.  You can benefit from other people’s experience in order to avoid the pitfalls and discover the shortcuts that could help you achieve faster results.  I’ll interview many leading figures in our industry.  But many of my guests are people you’ve probably never heard of because they’ve never been interviewed publicly before.  That’s because most of them aren’t professional speakers, authors or influencers – they’re busy recruitment business owners just like you, working in the trenches, making placements and building exceptional companies.