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Welcome to The Resilient Recruiter, the weekly show where I interview recruitment industry leaders on the secrets to their success. You’ll hear in-depth conversations where I uncover the habits, strategies, attitudes and insights of highly successful recruiting, staffing and search firm owners. You’ll listen in as I encourage people to share their true stories including the mistakes and “failures” they experienced along the way, and what they learned from them. You can benefit from other people’s experience in order to avoid the pitfalls and discover the shortcuts that could help you achieve faster results.

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5 /5
Alisaaaaaaaaaaaa, 07/23/2023

Really enjoying this podcast!

Very informative, super interesting to hear the stories and insights from recruitment professionals all over the globe and from all sorts of industries and business sizes/models. Mark is a great interviewer and asks good questions. More

5 /5
ninjago green ninja, 07/11/2023

Great for Recruiting Firm Owners

The Resilient Recruiter is both informative and entertaining. I only wish I would have found it sooner. It's a great resource for recruiters of all levels, but particulary recruiting firm owners that are just getting started. Mark's interviewing style is excellent and he has a great line up of guests. More

5 /5
Ima listener, 02/14/2023

A new favorite!

What an informative + entertaining podcast! I look forward to the content put out and never want to miss another episode! Highly Recommend A++ More

5 /5
Adam Saupe, 02/08/2023

Authentic value-rich content

Mark is a superb interviewer and does a great job of distilling valuable content from his guests within a free- flowing conversation. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Mark and the show over the past 2 years. It’s clear that Mark genuinely is trying to serve his community, rather than doing the show only to obtain business for himself. I highly recommend The Resilient Recruiter. More

5 /5
Tiger bayy, 01/20/2023

Incredibly valuable content

Mark brings his own knowledge and mixes it brilliantly with fantastic guests and really the expert minds of the recruitment industry. Each podcast has me frantically writing notes of ideas to research, and ways to improve my own processes. More

5 /5
hr by nru, 12/16/2022

Recruiting Firm Owners Must Listen

While there are several podcasts focused on our industry, this is the only one that I listen to EVERY episode adds value. As an owner myself (5 years this coming February), the various perspectives and best practices are intriguing and have learned a lot from Mark and his guests. More

5 /5
SG11111111111111, 11/17/2022

A great source of recruitment inspiration

A great podcast. Always insightful with great guest speakers. A go to source for information and inspiration for anyone starting out with a new to young recruitment agency. Keep up the good work Mark. More

5 /5
JWHensler, 09/22/2022

Phenomenal Content!

One of the most celebrated recruitment coaches sits down with the heaviest hitters in the industry, asking educated questions, and getting to the bottom of what made them successful. It’s both entertaining and inspiring. Mark’s podcast has changed the way I approach work and my perception of the recruitment industry. Trust me — it’s good stuff. Tune in! More

5 /5
EPell13, 03/31/2022

Massive Value of Excellent Recruiting Info for Any Level Recruiter

I am so glad I found this podcast. Mark’s guests are accomplished Recruiters who go in-depth about how they started in the profession and how they launched their own businesses. A lot of useful information is packed into a 1 hour show. From thoughts on different business models, to which tech stacks they use, training and development they have been through and much more. Mark is an excellent interviewer. He asks questions any recruiter would want to know and he asks follow up questions for clarification. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull over to jot down notes! GREAT podcast! More

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