Using Google Alerts to Spy On Your Clients and Competitors

Mark Whitby

Here’s a really cool idea from those smart people at Google. It’s called Google Alerts.

According to Google, “Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic.” If you don’t already use Google Alerts, you need to check it out today:



Basically, you tell Google Alerts which topics / search terms you want it to monitor. Every time your keyword is mentioned on the web (including blogs, videos, groups and news) then you get an email from Google with a link to the relevant webpage.

I personally use Google Alerts to:

  • See what my competitors are doing
  • Stay current on my industry news and gossip
  • Keep track of my clients’ activities
  • Pick up new leads and gather market intelligence
  • See who’s talking about ME, and what they’re saying!

It’s extremely fast and easy to do, and you can track as many keywords as you want – automatically. Here are some suggested search terms to get you started:

  1. Enter your own name and/or company name as a search term.
  2. Enter all your competitors and key clients
  3. Enter any specific keywords that relate to what you do. E.g. mine are “recruiter training” and “recruitment training.”

You can even select how often you want to receive alerts: as it happens, once a day, or once a week. Again the link is:

With Google Alerts, you’ll always be “in the know” and can impress clients and candidates with your market knowledge. In the recruitment game, information is power and even a slight advantage is worth having.

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