Stressed? Overwhelmed? This Could Save You Hours Every Week…

“There are not enough hours in the day.” A client said to me recently – maybe you can relate. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, working harder is NOT the answer! That’s the road to burnout city. By the way, this isn’t another article about traditional time management theories – planning, organization, etc. Sure, most people could be more efficient, focused and self-disciplined – including me. And who doesn’t like a good “productivity hack”? But those approaches will only help you run faster in the same hamster wheel. No, I’m talking about getting a MASSIVE increase in productivity – while working fewer hours. If you’re a recruitment business owner – especially if you’re a solo recruiter – it’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.  You’ve probably got too much on your plate! Think about everything you’re spending time/energy on.  For example, you’ve got sales and business development, recruiting, service delivery, account management, marketing, social media, not to mention I.T. issues that crop up.  On top of that you’ve got websites  development, taxes, bookkeeping your credit control – the list is endless.   Do you really need to attend to all those tasks and projects personally? Absolutely not.  I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve had this conversation with so many recruitment business owners.  You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have anyone I can delegate to.”  And perhaps you don’t want, or can’t afford, to hire an administrator or candidate sourcer. So what’s the solution? Well, I believe every recruiting firm owner should have a virtual assistant or VA. I have a full-time person who works for me in the Philippines who is amazing.  She saves me so much time, and easily pays for herself because she manages my LinkedIn lead generation campaigns which generate confirmed sales appointments in my calendar every week.  Just think for a second how much more productive could you be how much more could you accomplish if you had someone helping you full time doing administration.  Imagine if you could delegate things like preparing and formatting CV’s, keeping your database up to date, doing sales administration, creating lists of prospects, researching contact information for clients and candidates including phone number and email addresses.  Perhaps, like my VA, they could even help you generate sales leads via LinkedIn, or run searches on LinkedIn and reach out to candidates on your behalf. Just think how much more time you could focus on the revenue-generating activities — the critical parts of the business that you must do personally, where you add significant value. For example building relationships with clients and candidates. If you’re interested learning more about outsourcing and virtual team building the get in touch – I’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Having a virtual assistance does seem like a great idea however there has been a few things that have prohibited myself from going ahead with it.

    For example I have always thought, where to find a good assitance in the first place.

    What pre-training will they have so they can understand recruitment and it’s requirement.

    What tasks will they be able to perform in a competent fashion so the quality of that task is not compromised.

    If you end up giving them access to your Linked In or database to do administration tasks, how can you trust that they wont take advantage of it.

    How much will they cost in terms of money as well as your time in communication with them and training them which may then make it unproductive to give them those tasks (you may as well do it youreself).

    There is obviously a lot of questions. I am interested to know, how did you go about finding a reliable VA and what tasks do you give them to perform?

    1. Hi Navid – great questions, thanks for posting! What you’re describing are very common fears/concerns that hold entrepreneurs back and limit their growth. I know from personal experience that this is just a mindblock that one must overcome. If other recruitment business owners have made it work, then so you can you! I’m evangelical about building virtual teams because it’s had such a massive impact on my own business success. Having said that, as you point out there are risks to be minimized (the most significant of which is your own time). I’m not saying it’s easy – believe me I’ve made lots of costly mistakes along the way. But the benefits are worth making the effort. There’s a number of good books on the subject. I recommend Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker, and Life Leverage by Rob Moore. I can certainly guide you and answer a lot of your questions – feel free to apply for a free Strategy Session here.