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5 /5
KMUMC-CCTX, 04/04/2024

Helpful Information and Entertaining

A great source of information whether you are a novice or experienced with recruiting. With each episode you learn helpful insights about recruiting and all the processes involved. More

5 /5
Wolfserena, 03/20/2024

My go to for work inspo!

When it comes to recruiting, it’s hard to find some thing that keeps you motivated and inspired while you run your own desk. Listening to Mark Whitby’s resilient Recruiter podcast makes me feel seen, heard, and connected to those doing the same work I do regardless of industry. Thank you for such an informative and inspiring podcast! More

5 /5
Runner Mom 44, 03/11/2024

Great Insights for Recruiters

Mark brings in great guests with insights into the industry. Great resource to force you to think out of the box and consider new ways to recruit. Great for beginners or experienced recruiters. I look forward to listening every week! More

5 /5
12EADY2GO, 02/08/2024

#1 recruiting podcast for full desk recruiters

Mark asks great questions and gets into depth, in the right categories. I spend a lot of time listening to YouTube, podcasts and really anything educational in the recruiting industry but a lot of them are okay, I don’t walk away feeling like I learned a lot or was given a lot to think about. When I listen to Mark’s podcast I walk away feeling like I was implanted with an extra year of experience through listening to a 1 hour podcast. Also, the guest he interviews are great! More

5 /5
nibber3840, 01/15/2024

I love Mark’s Resilient Recruiter podcast

I love Mark’s Resilient Recruiter podcast and I’ve been a listener for the past 3 years, OK and it’s taken me this long to leave a review😉 If you want to hear amazing recruiters sharing NOT just their success stories but how they’ve overcome the challenges both before and after COVID and this new hybrid work of recruitment then you need to download this amazing podcast today! Mike Richards. The CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company More

5 /5
Alisaaaaaaaaaaaa, 07/23/2023

Really enjoying this podcast!

Very informative, super interesting to hear the stories and insights from recruitment professionals all over the globe and from all sorts of industries and business sizes/models. Mark is a great interviewer and asks good questions. More

5 /5
ninjago green ninja, 07/11/2023

Great for Recruiting Firm Owners

The Resilient Recruiter is both informative and entertaining. I only wish I would have found it sooner. It's a great resource for recruiters of all levels, but particulary recruiting firm owners that are just getting started. Mark's interviewing style is excellent and he has a great line up of guests. More

5 /5
Ima listener, 02/14/2023

A new favorite!

What an informative + entertaining podcast! I look forward to the content put out and never want to miss another episode! Highly Recommend A++ More

5 /5
Adam Saupe, 02/08/2023

Authentic value-rich content

Mark is a superb interviewer and does a great job of distilling valuable content from his guests within a free- flowing conversation. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Mark and the show over the past 2 years. It’s clear that Mark genuinely is trying to serve his community, rather than doing the show only to obtain business for himself. I highly recommend The Resilient Recruiter. More

5 /5
Tiger bayy, 01/20/2023

Incredibly valuable content

Mark brings his own knowledge and mixes it brilliantly with fantastic guests and really the expert minds of the recruitment industry. Each podcast has me frantically writing notes of ideas to research, and ways to improve my own processes. More

5 /5
hr by nru, 12/16/2022

Recruiting Firm Owners Must Listen

While there are several podcasts focused on our industry, this is the only one that I listen to EVERY episode adds value. As an owner myself (5 years this coming February), the various perspectives and best practices are intriguing and have learned a lot from Mark and his guests. More

5 /5
SG11111111111111, 11/17/2022

A great source of recruitment inspiration

A great podcast. Always insightful with great guest speakers. A go to source for information and inspiration for anyone starting out with a new to young recruitment agency. Keep up the good work Mark. More

5 /5
JWHensler, 09/22/2022

Phenomenal Content!

One of the most celebrated recruitment coaches sits down with the heaviest hitters in the industry, asking educated questions, and getting to the bottom of what made them successful. It’s both entertaining and inspiring. Mark’s podcast has changed the way I approach work and my perception of the recruitment industry. Trust me — it’s good stuff. Tune in! More

5 /5
EPell13, 03/31/2022

Massive Value of Excellent Recruiting Info for Any Level Recruiter

I am so glad I found this podcast. Mark’s guests are accomplished Recruiters who go in-depth about how they started in the profession and how they launched their own businesses. A lot of useful information is packed into a 1 hour show. From thoughts on different business models, to which tech stacks they use, training and development they have been through and much more. Mark is an excellent interviewer. He asks questions any recruiter would want to know and he asks follow up questions for clarification. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull over to jot down notes! GREAT podcast! More

5 /5
Kerry Kudulaiti, 01/22/2022

Best rec show ever

I’ve been doing tech rec on the agency side for five years and obviously still have much to learn. Among all podcasts I’m following done by fellow recruiters in the community, Mark’s is undoubtedly #1 in my rank. He always has been able to ask insightful questions to brilliant guests he’s invited on the show. More

5 /5
Dwc95r, 12/09/2021

Fantastic Show

I have regular podcasts on rotation, swapping some out periodically. Mark’s Podcast is one that I’ve never swapped out. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode. Keep up the great work, Mark! More

5 /5
MC 25, 09/11/2021

5 stars

Anyone looking to become the best that they can be in recruitment needs to put this on their weekly learning to do list! I’ve already doubled my billings as a result of the lessons taken from one episode! Thanks and keep up the amazing work Mark! More

5 /5
mrbeeceejay, 07/26/2021

Recommend Mark’s podcasts from Australia

Mark’s podcasts are informative, enjoyable and motivating. Recommend to all. More

5 /5
MajorPlumb, 07/25/2021

Excellent interviews and industry content

I’d highly recommend anyone in the industry whether you are new to recruitment or a veteran. Mark does amazing job digging into what makes a variety of really interesting industry leaders as to either what makes them successful and or what they do within their organisation which benefits the industry. 👍🏼 More

5 /5
Aspiron1234, 06/15/2021

Very useful pre-launch

I’ve been listening to Mark for about 6 months and have just launched my own firm. The insights he and his guests give have been extremely useful. There are other podcasts with a similar format, but Mark manages to keep it about his guests and when he does talk about himself and his own experiences it always adds value as opposed to taking away from the topics. More

5 /5
Alrica Edwards, 06/07/2021

Business Owner

Always relevant, always informative and always something to take away. Thank you Mark, I have been listening to your podcast from the beginning and is a keen visitor on your website. Thank you for keeping us positive and relevant. Love your guests and your topics always spot on and market related. Thank You, wishing you only the best. More

5 /5
James Clendining, 05/14/2021

Great for all recruiters.

The resilient recruiter has been a fantastic listen for me as a startup recruiter and business owner. Having so much talent on the show discussing the profession, the challenges and sharing the successes not only inspires me but helps empower us recruiters with knowledge. Keep up the great work More

5 /5
Chcresswell, 05/13/2021

Gold nuggets, every time.

I have been a follower of Mark for some time and jumped on early when he started podcasting. There are ‘gold nuggets’ in every episode/conversation with Mark and if you’re in the recruitment space could not recommend it highly enough. Keep them coming mate! More

5 /5
ChiragTRS, 04/29/2021

Excellent podcast

Some great tips from Greg Savage in this week’s episode Be brave and 100 day milestone plan Chirag More

5 /5
spingirl74, 04/23/2021

A must listen to for anyone who works in recruitment!!

One of my favourite podcasts! I learn something every episode as the RR is informative, timely info and great guests! More

5 /5
RiJR 1975, 03/15/2021

Best content for recruiting professionals

I’ve listened to many podcasts over the years related to the recruitment profession, but this one by far has the best content. Mark does a great job of finding the top people in our field and extracting how they do it. More

5 /5
NikkiBFCR, 02/11/2021

Expert advice and insights

The Resilient Recruiter is arguably the best recruitment podcast out there. Covering a range of relevant topics that will strike a chord with recruiters of all levels of experience, the interviews provide valuable insights from industry leaders that can be successfully applied to your own career. More

5 /5
rich bond, 02/09/2021

Mark, I always enjoy your podcasts as I am a self-taught single-shingle recruiter. It is great to see how diverse the recruiting world is. The podcasts always give me some good ideas and insights. Steven Streeter was particularly insightful and inspiring. Keep up the good work of spreading the good word. Best, Rich Bond BOND & COMPANY More

5 /5
Luis Viloria, 02/08/2021

Managing Director

Great content and format from Mark with very good guests that are actually in the arena fighting the good recruiting fight with actionable advice. Keep them comin’ Mark. More

5 /5
MI Looper, 02/08/2021

Great Content, Delivered Well

Always enjoy Mark’s style and he helps his guests deliver valuable messages. Worth your time and attention. More

5 /5
Darren Revell, 02/08/2021

Mark is the real deal

Mark is a great human and that is reflected in his work, he has a natural desire to help people and he therefore has a depth other trainers don’t achieve as they are focussed on monetising their experience not helping their clients. More

4 /5
Paul repping Canada, 02/07/2021

The resilient recruiter

Mark provides great guests that give a broad perspective of agency recruitment. He is well prepared and gets the guest to open up on their experiences. More

5 /5
GregH in CO, 02/07/2021

Packed with interesting people, insights & inspiration!

I love listening to Mark Whitby interview top recruiting professionals on The Resilient Recruiter podcast. Mark does a fantastic job of framing questions, making his guests the star and providing them with the opportunity to share their unique journeys, lessons learned, and valuable distinctions. Every conversation is informative, entertaining and inspiring! More

5 /5
Jonathan O'Hagan, 02/07/2021

Insightful and so valuable

Mark Whitby’s Resilient Recruiter Podcast is an excellent way to expand one’s knowledge and keep at the forefront of the recruitment world. I love the way Mark seems to secure such interesting and accomplished guests in order to bring thought provoking discussions to us. I’ve learnt so much from hearing how others achieve their success... but also, via Mark’s superb interviewing style, learning important lessons from their failures. Thanks Mark and keep them coming - so so valuable... More

5 /5
Jill2030, 02/06/2021

Actionable information!

Great podcast! Enjoyable to listen to and useful information. More

5 /5
frankskid, 02/06/2021

Very Positive

I've been in the industry for more than twenty years, but feel I always learn something from Mark's interviews. More

5 /5
Casey1238910, 02/06/2021

Excellent content!

Mark does a great job finding professionals that help add value to executive recruiters seeking ways to improve. I always get at least one good nugget from each interview he conducts. More

5 /5
Jazz Puppy, 02/06/2021

Learning from Great Anecdotes From Others

Mark has a really great style of interviewing his diverse guests and successfully navigates every size of ego , some of which are substantial! He also does probe on some of the waffle answers asking the questions I was thinking of!! I believe we are always learning and I find these podcasts really helpful giving different perspectives and some of the most helpful ones are where I may disagree with the interviewee! Recruiters give these a go as they are from real people who have been where we have been or been where we want to go! I can also recommend Mark's training for any companies thinking of getting external assistance for their remote teams. Mark has provided training to our company on a couple of occasions over the years and his listening insightful approach is recommended. More

5 /5
w.jang, 02/06/2021

Very informative!!

He has deep insight of recruiting business and his podcast is very informative. Excellent!! More

5 /5
Rcoust, 02/06/2021

A must listen for any recruiter!

Something for everyone here. Mark interviews some of the top professionals in the industry, up and coming recruiters who have achieved success relatively fast, and others who are changing the industry as a whole. More

5 /5
SomerHackley, 02/06/2021

CEO and Executive Recruiter

What a great podcast! In a world of content overload, this podcast is one on the few I look forward to. This podcast is incredibly valuable to anyone who is an entrepreneur in recruiting / search. Mark brings us into conversations to see the behind-the-scenes of leaders across the industry and how they have build their businesses. Great perspective. Incredibly valuable. More

5 /5
Dutchy-76!, 02/06/2021

Highly recommended!

Discovered Mark’s podcast a month ago. It has become a routine for me to listen to it when running or cycling. Truly so inspiring and insighful for anyone in the recruitment business. Highly recommended! More

5 /5
Abrand427, 02/06/2021

The best podcast for agency owners and anyone looking to up their game in agency recruitment

I love, love this podcast. As an agency owner with 15 years of experience in the business, I really enjoy hearing from similar individuals and their path to excellence. Mark’s guests are spot-on, and he really gives them a chance to tell their story so you can get the most from the episode. I am always sharing these with my team. You’ll learn something from each and every one! More

5 /5
KumarMangala, 02/06/2021


I have listened to the first 40+ episodes of the Resilient Recruiter at least a few times. Each episode is packed with great stories. Mark has a unique style that allows his guests to reveal so much that these become invaluable lessons for owners of small recruitment businesses or independent recruiters regardless of your zip code on this planet. I got to find the time to listen to the new episodes. Keep going Mark! More

5 /5
rob.uk, 02/06/2021

Great industry insights from leaders in recruitment

Great industry insights from leaders in recruitment. As a solo entrepreneur or for anyone in recruiting, this is a great listen. More

5 /5
Recruiting/Staffing Firm Owner, 01/28/2021

Great Podcast for Recruiting/Staffing Leaders

Mark does a great job of interviewing some very interesting people in the industry. The interviews are entertaining and have some good takeaways. More

5 /5
YF - Whitfield Associates, 01/22/2021

Solid, rich and insightful content - I’m hooked!

It’s such a great privilege to have access to such rich, insightful and invaluable knowledge from recruitment professionals from all around world. Mark Whitby’s podcast is always time and relevant for the issues I face day in and day out as a recruitment business owner. More

5 /5
Raj- Malaysia, 01/04/2021

Relevant and well researched topics

i enjoy starting my day with Mark’s podcasts. The topics are wide ranging and Mark addresses issues that are so relevant to the induatry. best learnings happen when there is right conversations and Mark has orchestrates a nice flow in all his podcasts! More

5 /5
RagingBlitz, 12/12/2020

Unique insight in the world of Recruitment

Thanks Mark for putting together this content on a regular basis. The insights and wisdom shared on the show are highly relevant for my business. More

5 /5
TJRec, 12/08/2020

Honest conversations provide great insight

A podcast that isn’t just vanilla and offers great insights to the minds and workings of top performers. More

5 /5
Michael Robbins from Charlotte, 12/07/2020

Great for recruiters working a desk

A lot of podcasts on recruiting will exclusively be from business owners and they talk on how to run and grow a business managing other recruiters. Mark actally has recruiters on his talks who do what recruiters do every day .... banging the phones! It is very helpful hearing how these high producers did it and do it. More

5 /5
Bigkitchy, 10/16/2020

Great podcast

Really good podcast that has made me completely rethink how I work and recruit . Some of the tips you can pick up would likely take years of trial and error to find what you at doing wrong . I would highly recommend if you are a recruiter looking to hear advice from industry leaders. More

5 /5
Addy ola, 10/05/2020

Mark’s style is perfect

I really love the variety and topics covered. So thank you for the content, there is always some value. Excellent clarity of the sound – which important as background noise as often listen while running or waking Mark’s style is perfect. It feels like you are listening to two colleagues chatting and you are just observing. More

5 /5
1timothyjames, 08/04/2020

This Podcast is Valuable

Mark is a phenomenal speaker and interviewer. His process of deconstructing hardworking recruitment business owners to uncover their routines, methods, mindset, and nuggets of wisdom is unmatched in this industry. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of recruiting and learn from the best, THIS is the podcast for you! More

5 /5
The.Top.Banana, 07/31/2020

Superb series of Podcasts!

I enjoy listening to Marks podcasts. They are full of tips, insights and inspirational stories from industry vetrans. Aspirational! More

5 /5
TurnBlock, 07/07/2020


An inspirational podcast, great insights on the recruitment world and entrepreneurship. Mark is a great podcaster asking the right questions to the relevant people. Awesome! More

5 /5
Edhunterfl1957, 06/15/2020

Great podcasts for recruiting professionals

Love listening on my morning runs , sitting down afterwards to pour through the podcast notes ... and listening again. More

5 /5
tb2010, 05/18/2020

Extremely informative

A superb and very enlightening series of podcasts from Mark Whitby. He really knows recruitment! More

5 /5
ciaran883, 05/05/2020

Always interesting

Always a great listen with plenty of actionable ideas. High level insights into top level recruitment strategies. Invaluable for recruiters or sales people at any stage of their career. More

5 /5
Merszey, 04/10/2020

I love your podcast

Keep it up! Advice is practical. More

5 /5
athlete2business, 02/26/2020

Highly insightful

If you’re a recruiter and/or a recruitment business owner this is definitely the best podcast in the market! Extremely insightful, very valuable and relevant content. Mark gets straight to the point with his guests and keeps them on point. No waffling here! More

5 /5
Be Sharp2019, 02/03/2020

Particularly relevant to the modern world of agency life!

Mark’s podcast series is particularly relevant to the current world of agency recruitment! It is informative, inspiring, and most of all relatable. It is essential listening for anyone currently working in agency recruitment. More

5 /5
Sharpman35, 02/03/2020

Particularly relevant to the modern world of agency life!

Mark’s podcast series is particularly relevant to the current world of agency recruitment! It is informative, inspiring, and most of all relatable. It is essential listening for anyone currently working in agency recruitment. More

5 /5
ChiragTRS, 01/22/2020

Excellent podcasts!

Really loved the podcast with Greg Savage. Inspired me to buy the book! Chirag More

5 /5
bgbgbgngnh, 01/19/2020

Great Motivation

The podcasts are useful and full of great advice! They are also motivating and help you keep in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals! More

5 /5
Alangreenin, 01/10/2020

Very insightful and thought provoking

Loving the podcast Mark, have gone back and listened to each episode and will probably go back and listen to them again. It’s great to hear what others in the industry have done to become highly successful. Great guests and Mark asks the great questions that lead to what we all want to know. Can’t wait for the next weeks guest. More

5 /5
chingapingahoho, 01/07/2020

Invaluable insights - Every episode better than the previous

Awesome Mark! You are raising the bar every time. Looking forward for the next one now. More

5 /5
Brian_rowan, 12/17/2019

Valuable advice

Glad I listened in. Normally I’m a skeptical that anyone else knows my business as well as I do but I took a lot away from this. More

5 /5
Oraculum Recruit, 12/12/2019

What An Inspiring Recruiting lesson

Thank you Mark Whitby and Greg Savage for offering so much clarity on how recruiters need to evolve to stay relevant. I loved hearing about the value we have to offer our clients and that this is what we need to focus on. Have shifted my mindset and it feels great! More

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