How I Finally Beat Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome affects 70 percent of us – including me. The global financial crisis hit my business – and my confidence – hard. I had built a 6-figure home-based consulting business and then in June 2008 I lost three out of my four biggest customers and more than 50 percent of my income evaporated overnight.  Quite honestly I felt like a fraud because here I was helping other business owners to grow their business and yet I was struggling.  The key for me moving past the feeling of self-doubt was to get out of my own head, and focus instead of serving my clients.  Instead of focusing internally (on my own failures, mistakes and shortcomings) I made a conscious effort to focusing externally – on how I could help my clients and add more value. It sounds almost too simple – but that small shift in thinking and getting out of my own head was the key that enabled me to move forward and rebuild my business.

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