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The 10 Characteristics of a Qualified Vacancy

So you’ve been given a new vacancy to work and you’re excited to get started?  Stop!  Before you spend time and energy recruiting on that job order, evaluating it carefully against the following checklist to make sure it’ll be worth your while. You have taken a detailed job order. Terms of business have been agreed, ideally […]

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How Much Do Recruiters Earn?

 “How does your compensation plan compare with recruiting industry norms?  We conducted an online survey of recruiter compensation and received over 200 responses from senior managers of recruiting companies worldwide, including 106 from USA and Canada, 46 from the UK and 34 from Australia and New Zealand. Participants ranged from Owner/Managers of small firms with only […]

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3 Reasons Why I Love Recruitment

You have to love being a recruiter. Otherwise you wouldn’t last very long! Let’s face it — recruitment is not as glamorous as it looks. With all the frustration, knock-backs, disappointments, and the constant pressure to perform, it can be pretty tough. Recruitment has often been described as an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you’re jumping […]

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Recruiting and the Curse of Assumption

Have you ever been guilty of making assumptions? I know I have. During the placement process, there are lots of things you might assume. For example: Assuming the candidate will get good references. Assuming the candidate will prepare for the interview. Assuming the candidate will show up! Assuming the candidate is only interviewing with your […]

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9 Reasons to Call Instead of Sending Email

Does your sales office sound like a typing pool?  I’ve noticed that many recruiters prefer to email instead of actually speaking to their clients and candidates. Here are 9 reasons why that’s a bad idea: You can’t build relationships by email.  Imagine if you only emailed your friends and family instead of calling them.  How […]

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Are Recruiters a Necessary Evil?

You’ve probably heard the expression “necessary evil.” Usually it applies to a something which we resent but grudgingly accept as a fact of life. Taxes, for example. Recently however, I heard this idiom applied to recruitment consultants. Not by a client or candidate, but by a recruiter! Even worse, he was a team leader. Let’s […]

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How to Get Impressive Client Testimonials

Over the years I’ve asked for (and received) hundreds of testimonials – see some examples here. Here are some of the “secrets” I’ve discovered for getting more testimonials AND for getting more IMPRESSIVE testimonials. Strike while the iron is hot! Ask both your client and candidate for a testimonial immediately after making a placement. Ask […]

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How to Harness the Selling Power of Testimonials

Do you ask your clients for testimonials? Sure you might receive a few unsolicited testimonials.  That’s nice when it happens.  But do you actively solicit them from every client you place with? As a tactic for winning new business, client testimonials are deceptively simple.  But don’t underestimate the impact they can have on your business. […]

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