How to Use Video to Attract Candidates and Grow Your Recruitment Business, with Joe Mullings, Ep #80

How do you position yourself as the recruiter of choice in your chosen sector? What’s your strategy for building your brand reputation and that of your client to attract talent in a skills short marketplace?  

By leveraging digital media and the power of storytelling, you can dominate your market and create a competitive advantage for your clients and your own firm simultaneously.  In this interview, my special guest Joe Mullings explains how recruiters can use video marketing and digital branding strategies to fill jobs faster, and multiply their success.  

Joe is the founder and CEO of The Mullings Group – the world’s leading search firm in the medical device industry. The Mullings Group has completed more than 7000 successful searches with more than 600 companies in the medical device industry. Their clients include multi-billion dollar companies like Johnson & Johnson, Google, and Siemens. Recently, Joe was appointed Chief Visionary Officer in the MRI Networks. 

Are planning to leverage digital media content to build the brand of your recruitment firm? Hear the art and science of digital video marketing from @joemullings, host and producer of docu-series “TrueFuture” in this episode of  #TheResilientRecruiter! #recruitment #recruiter #training #coaching


Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [2:33] Digital branding strategies and why recruiters and recruiting firms should utilize digital platforms.
  • [10:00] What is Price’s Law and why it is important for your recruitment organization.
  • [11:16] Using digital storytelling that led to developing a unique process for Mullings Group.
  • [15:30] Different mindsets of users on each social platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and how you can use it to your advantage
  • [21:10] How to have a “construct” when creating content on LinkedIn.
  • [27:40] Joe shares his motivations behind creating a docu-series.
  • [34:39] The 4 key factors to digital media success as explained by Joe.
  • [38:57] Joe shares the challenges he faced on his journey and the ultimate payoff
  • [47:08] Great advice on content marketing and improving your practice and serve your customer on a higher level.
  • [56:33] When is the best time to leverage your video and digital marketing strategies?
  • [1:02:06] Will digital marketing replace the traditional telephone?

Leveraging Digital Storytelling for Clients

The Mullings Group takes employer branding to new levels. In order to attract talents, their marketing team would create digital publications that are media-rich and descriptive in content. Another way they do customer branding is through video storytelling. These videos are professionally produced for branding, messaging, and storytelling of their clients’ technology and history for market awareness. How did it start? The concept was first introduced in a very large multi-million dollar project they headed for Google and Johnson & Johnson when building out a surgical robotic system. Since they were unable to show the robot or even the inside of the Google / Verily facility, they had to create a digital storytelling strategy on “who you would become” when you went to work there. And the rest is history. 

Learn the process and how it actually evolved from long-form videos to short clips, how organic growth was driven, and how the traction they got impacted their business. Joe shared how he believes this is important for headhunters.

One example is how Inbound traffic on these videos will shorten the timescales to complete searches. Joe explained “Even when we had to make outbound calls, when we made the outbound calls, we didn’t have to spend the first 30 to 45 seconds of that phone call on who [the client] was, who we were, and why that sort of career part will be a good one for you to consider.”

This actually led to them developing a process called Demand Gen they were able to generate fees in 8 figures exclusively on their search business. 

The 4 Keys to Success with Digital Media

Another phenomenal feat that was shared in our conversation is when Joe and his team travelled across the globe and created an Anthony Bourdain style documentary. Joe revealed that this is out of selflessness with the intention of propping up the health tech industry. The exposure it got was phenomenal. Selflessness is one what Joe considers as ‘keys’ to success, which are:

  • Discipline
  • Strategy
  • Thought
  • Selflessness

Hear it from Joe as he gives context to these key factors. He also told me about what drives him, the challenges he encountered and why it was all worth it. He also reveals the ROI from digital media. Joe said, “I have never balanced a chequebook in my life. And what that means is money is never a driver. It is what game are we gonna play and on what field.”

How do digital content strategies help The Mullings Group reach a Per Desk Average of over $500k per desk per year? Let its CEO @joemullings explain it in this episode of  #TheResilientRecruiter! #recruitment #recruiter #training #coaching


Joe Mullings Bio and Contact Info 

Career expert Joe Mullings has been building companies and careers since 1989. He founded and is Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group, the world’s leading search firm in the medical device industry. The Mullings Group is responsible for more than 7000 successful searches with more than 600 companies in the medical device industry. His clients are multi-billion-dollar companies like Johnson & Johnson, Google, Medtronic, Abbott, and Siemens, as well as the emerging startup companies that are bringing futuristic technologies like surgical robotics, telerobotics, artificial intelligence and Deep Learning to the market.  Joe is also the Chief Visionary Officer of MRI Networks, the 3rd largest executive recruitment firm with 300 offices worldwide. He is President & CEO of Dragonfly Stories, which is the production company behind the docu-series, “TrueFuture” of which he is the host and producer. Joe is also the founder of the media platform TMG360, a Medtech news and opinion website. Joe has an engineering degree from The University of Dayton Ohio.

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