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Why I Hate Vendor Management Systems

I hate Vendor Management Systems because they take the fun out of recruiting, turn us into administrators, create some major frustrations and ultimately make it harder to earn our placement fee. I wrote an article on this subject for Recruiter Magazine a few years ago: Recruiting via ‘Portals’ is a Waste of Time. Since then, […]

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The 10 Characteristics of a Qualified Vacancy

So you’ve been given a new vacancy to work and you’re excited to get started?  Stop!  Before you spend time and energy recruiting on that job order, evaluating it carefully against the following checklist to make sure it’ll be worth your while. You have taken a detailed job order. Terms of business have been agreed, ideally […]

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Recruiting and the Curse of Assumption

Have you ever been guilty of making assumptions? I know I have. During the placement process, there are lots of things you might assume. For example: Assuming the candidate will get good references. Assuming the candidate will prepare for the interview. Assuming the candidate will show up! Assuming the candidate is only interviewing with your […]

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