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The Yo-Yo Billings Problem

By a show of hands, who here would like to generate more consistent placements and more predictable revenue?  Everybody in the room! And that’s not surprising.  This is one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and recruiting firm owners. I know this because:I’ve been a recruiter myself so I’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of recruiting […]

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How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your recruitment agency. You can communicate “one-to-many” at the push of a button, making email marketing a highly leveraged and cost-effective marketing activity. I’m not talking about the unsolicited bulk emails that are sent out by some companies that end up in your spam folder. […]

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How to Stay Front of Mind with Email Marketing

​As part of any marketing campaign, capturing your prospect’s email address is crucial. Following this, you may have an automated series of emails that will convert a percentage of these prospects into clients or candidates. But what about those that haven’t been converted?The fact is, once you have got someone into your marketing funnel, you […]

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