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The Yo-Yo Billings Problem

By a show of hands, who here would like to generate more consistent placements and more predictable revenue?  Everybody in the room! And that’s not surprising.  This is one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and recruiting firm owners. I know this because:I’ve been a recruiter myself so I’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of recruiting […]

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How to Generate More Leads

Lead generation is actually pretty simple. You talk to lots of people in your niche, and ask lots of questions. You’ll quickly find out “who’s who” — who’s hiring, who’s firing; who’s expanding, who’s downsizing; who’s won the contract, who’s lost the contract; who’s hot, who’s not. Lead generation should be one of your objectives […]

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How Much Do Recruiters Earn?

 “How does your compensation plan compare with recruiting industry norms?  We conducted an online survey of recruiter compensation and received over 200 responses from senior managers of recruiting companies worldwide, including 106 from USA and Canada, 46 from the UK and 34 from Australia and New Zealand. Participants ranged from Owner/Managers of small firms with only […]

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