7 Years to 7 Figures: From Rookie Recruiter to Million Dollar Biller, with Tyler Frisbie, Ep # 39

From working in a recycling facility to becoming a million-dollar biller, my special guest Tyler Frisbie shares his inspiring story on how hard work, building sincere relationships, and staying humble helped him become a successful recruiter today.

Tyler is a Managing Partner of Global Recruiters of McKinney (GRN), based in McKinney, Texas. He specializes in recruiting exceptional leadership talent in environmental and industrial sectors globally. Tyler launched his search firm in 2012, with no prior recruiting experience, and has become the number one office in his network.

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [1:23] Tyler reveals his amazing story leading up to his recruiting career.
  • [16:49] Tyler didn’t close a deal in the first 6 months – here’s how he stayed positive and turned things around.
  • [21:18] Always be open to opportunities – hear how attending one event became a game-changer for Tyler’s recruitment business.
  • [32:28] How relationships and connections enhance your brand.
  • [40:40] Becoming selective – why you should not be afraid to say NO to business.
  • [56:47] Memento mori – how remembering our own mortality can help us make better decisions and live a good life

Tyler’s Journey from Garbageman to a Million Dollar Biller

Driven by his motivation to support his family, Tyler’s story is amazing in terms of his transition from working in a recycling facility to becoming a million-dollar biller. He shared his struggles when he started working while in high school, doing several jobs while attending night school. It took him eight years to get his degree, but the challenges he overcame laid the foundation for his future success.

Do Not be Afraid to Say No to Business

One of Tyler’s key learnings is to eliminate the fear of saying no. “From early in my recruiting career… I say yes to everything. I wanted to get experience and I learned a lot of hard lessons in doing that. Working for cheap and working for … people that I didn’t like.” In hindsight, Tyler appreciated the value of being selective in the assignments to take on for his business. 

“There is so much power when you say no. It really shifts psychologically. I think in the minds of people you are saying no to, and in your own confidence.”

Hear how Tyler applies the above principles especially on fee negotiation and other aspects of his recruitment business.

Tyler Frisbie Bio and Contact Info

Tyler is the Managing Partner of Global Recruiters of McKinney (GRN), based in McKinney, Texas. Since 2012, he has been recruiting exceptional leadership talent in environmental and industrial sectors globally. He is a member of The Pinnacle Society since 2019.

Tyler’s route to becoming a big billing recruiter was quite unconventional.  At the age of sixteen, Tyler began working the second shift at a telecommunications manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas. One year later he took a purchasing agent position at a different manufacturing facility that specialized in-flight safety-critical parts for Boeing, LearJet, and Cessna. Shortly after being promoted to purchasing manager, Tyler realized his passion for people and took a sales position at Balcones Resources where he worked with Fortune 1000 companies in implementing creative landfill diversion strategies throughout the US. 

Through his hard work and determination, Tyler became the top sales producer and began developing his extensive professional network. During his 14 year tenure at Balcones, Tyler worked his way up to Business Development Manager and ultimately Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He gained expertise in commercial recycling/trash service, plastics recycling, electronic recycling, metals recycling, glass recycling, document destruction, product destruction, fuel technology, and various zero waste initiatives. While working full time, Tyler earned his BA in Business Management from LeTourneau University. Tyler is happily married to Heather of 23 years and they are recently empty nesters. They have two daughters – Rylee 23 & Waverly 18. 

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