“We Billed More in the First Six Months of This Year than We Billed All Last Year (Which at the Time Was Our Best Year Ever)”

I have made it a practice since 1994 to be picky when I spend my money on training. Most of what we come across is weak in my opinion. So, when I heard of Mark's program, I was skeptical. I first started speaking with Mark in October 2015. Not only was Mark engaging with my team, but he was directly on point for what we needed as a firm.

In just a few short months, after applying the concepts Mark recommended, we started realizing a tremendous increase in our placements. Our Interview to Placement ratio increased, and we billed more in the first six months of this year, than we billed all last year (which at the time, was our best year ever!)

Thanks Mark for your great ideas and fantastic approach!

CEO and Vice President of Client Relations The Roman Healthcare Group, Chattanooga, Tennessee Area

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