“Two Placements Totaling $78,250 Were the Result of Mark’s Advice”

I have had some pretty amazing success from the new marketing program. The last two placements totaling $78,250 in fees were done strictly with email marketing and no prior relationship with the candidate or the companies.

Mark Whitby has transformed our firm from outbound calls to inbound warm calls and inbound warm emails replies from decision makers that want to talk with us. I hired Mark after the virtual summit last year and it was the smartest money that I spent. Those two placements were the result of his advice with many more placements on the way.

He taught us how to create the "expert in your industry" presence through social media marketing from the inside out. We rebuilt our website with his strategies and then worked our way out to mass email marketing three times per month with a blog and other targeted emailing to decision makers and MPC's.

If you haven't worked directly with Mark I encourage you to book him! It was the best money I have spent. I am continuing to work with him because the new process we developed has only scratched the surface and there is much more ground to be covered.

CEO The Oxford Group, Dallas TX

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